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Aerial Photos Provide Inexpensive and Compelling Evidence

Aerial Photo

HRKM lawyers used aerial photography taken over time in a recent trial to prove that a property had numerous gaps in a fence line which the plaintiff claimed was secure.  In the above photo from property appraiser’s public records, one can see an open dirt roadway through a gap where a barely visible chain link fence ends.  We offered photos like this into evidence to show that vandals could easily access the property.  While people are familiar with sources like Google Maps, there are many other inexpensive sources of historical images of property, such as county property appraiser’s records (now available online in many counties), USDA photos, construction project progress photos, and commercial services that routinely photograph areas and hold the photos for future sale.  Photos like these provide perspective, and filling gaps and errors in memory.  They’re an important tool for a trial lawyer or real estate lawyer to resolve doubts and shut down unnecessary arguments.