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Auto & Commercial Auto Liability

At HRKM, all of our attorneys have more than 12 years’ experience representing defendant drivers in automobile accident cases. Whether the case involves auto negligence, “UM,” or PIP issues, we have vast experience litigating these cases through jury trial. We regularly represent insureds in automobile cases ranging from low policy limit / soft tissue cases to the significant injury / death cases.

In addition to representing individuals, we also represent companies and their drivers in commercial automobile / trucking claims. These cases typically involve significant or catastrophic injuries and require experience and knowledge beyond what is necessary to defend the typical individual automobile claim. Since HRKM regularly litigates and tries commercial auto cases, we have amassed experience, expertise, and knowledge regarding the applicable laws and regulations specific to the commercial auto setting. As these claims require immediate and thorough investigation after an accident, we regularly assist our clients in this regard even before a claim is made. In fact, our attorneys have even assisted clients by responding directly to the accident itself to ensure the preservation of important information and evidence crucial to defending the case.