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Dram Shop / Liquor Liability

Central Florida is a place where people know how to enjoy themselves. It’s warm and sunny with lots to do and a busy night life. Part of that nightlife includes enjoying great food and savoring a beer, wine, or cocktail. But when that relaxed atmosphere turns into patrons who have had too much to drink, it can become a big problem. If patrons leave a bar or restaurant after downing too many drinks, and someone is injured in a car accident or a drunken brawl, the result can be deadly. It can also become a lawsuit.

It’s become increasingly common for legal liability in these cases to extend beyond the individual involved and include the bar, restaurant, or party at a private home where the drinking took place. If a person was drinking before the incident took place and if they were found to have been obviously intoxicated while continually served drinks, that establishment or homeowner can be legally liable for damages.

Whether you are the damaged party or the accused in a case like this, Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, P.L. lawyers can help you navigate through the complicated world of Florida dram shop and liquor liability laws. We can do the important investigation necessary to understand exactly what happened before, during and after the incident, and whether the drinking establishment used reasonable standards of care in serving alcohol. We can explain the laws and walk you step-by-step through the complex dram shop and liquor liability process.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, P.L. understands it is our job to make your life easier during the course of a lawsuit. Our firm can represent you. We are committed to providing a comprehensive evaluation of commercial litigation claims and specific recommendations on the best way to help you achieve a successful result. Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, P.L. has an “AV” rating by the Martindale-Hubbell peer review rating system, which signifies the highest level of professional excellence a firm can achieve.