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Florida Insurance Defense Attorneys Deliver Complete Representation

Experienced professional advocates for insureds and carriers

Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, P.L. delivers knowledgeable counsel for a complete range of insurance defense issues. Unlike many firms that limit this practice area to property and injury claims, our attorneys provide comprehensive advice for other types of liability as well as copyright and libel cases. We even represent insurers themselves in coverage disputes and against allegations of bad faith. Our experience litigating cases throughout Florida gives our clients an advantage whether they choose to negotiate a favorable settlement or take their case to trial. As a full-service insurance defense law firm, we are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest statutory and regulatory developments to best serve our clients.

Protecting insurers and policyholders in all types of claims

HRKM attorneys have the skill and background to give clients an advantage in a broad range of insurance matters, including:

  • Part A injury and property matters — We provide strong advocacy when defending against personal injury or property damage claims typically addressed in Part A of Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies.
  • Part B commercial claims — Our attorneys handle the wide array of matters that usually fall under Part B of CGL policies. These claims can include copyright, defamation, false arrest and malicious prosecution disputes.
  • Bad faith and coverage issues — HRKM counsels clients not only on claims arising from the policies but also on conflicts regarding the policies themselves. Whether you’re an insurer or a policyholder, we deliver diligent representation for disagreements over the coverage included in a policy or the decision rendered by the carrier.

No matter how complex the issue, we will explain each relevant item in a clear manner so that you can make a fully informed decision on how to proceed.

Counselors drafting authoritative coverage opinion letters

With decades of combined experience in insurance law, our attorneys are well qualified to evaluate the most detailed policy documents. Whether you’re a policyholder or an insurer, HRKM can investigate any incident or situation and deliver a thorough assessment as to whether it is covered by a given insurance policy. Our coverage opinion letters clearly set forth the relevant policy terms, conditions and exclusions, and explain how they apply to the matter at hand. Armed with this knowledge, our clients can make decisions that best serve their interests and avoid unnecessary effort and expense.

Contact dedicated Florida attorneys for insurance defense matters

Hill, Rugh, Keller & Main, P.L. represents carriers and policyholders in all type of insurance defense, coverage and bad faith cases. Call 321-270-6826 or contact us online to schedule a meeting. From our office in Orlando, we serve clients throughout Florida.